Monday, November 17, 2008

Nasi Uduk - steamed Rice cooked with coconut milk

I have to say, living far away from homeland is not that easy.. You get easily excited at first, to the life where you are stranded on, but then, after some time the craving is there... I always long for tradisional food, and this is where I began to say to myself, after 6 years living here in Austria where the indonesian restaurant is nowhere to find, that I would do my best to live as comfortable as I can, with all those hurdles - the time, the availability of the kitchen stuff - I will manage!

And hey, after walkbloggings here and there.. I begin to like my kitchen so much.. hahaha..

Now, I thought of this steamed rice 'NASI UDUK'.. as I have a left-over coconut milk in the fridge. And I took out some frozen chicken to make fried chicken to eat with the rice.

Basic need for NASI UDUK :
- jasmine rice, 200 gr? 300 gr? I always cook very little as I am alone at home..
- coconut milk about 200ml, is perfect enuf
- 3 pcs of bay leaves
- 1 pc of lemongrass - crush it a bit!

then cook them in a pot with medium heat. If you happen to have a rice cooker, that is even better. You can put them all in and let it cook. You might need to stir it once or twice, as coconut milk make the rice easily get sticky to the bottom of the cooker pot.

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