Sunday, November 2, 2008

Crispy bakwan?

This one side dish always comes perfect in every occasion. Party? you just have to put in on a decorative plates. Picnic? in a lunchbox will do just fine. In between meals? any plate is ok.. takes not so long time to prepare, and the taste is very good.

To me, this dish can really brings back memory.. the time when I was still working in Jakarta. There was this one guy, called Gepeng- the sidewalk food seller. Spotted the most strategic place to sell his stuff, all those crispy snacks - pisang goreng (fried banana), bakwan (crispy veggie snack), ubi goreng (fried sweet potatoes), etc.. he was very much in demand, especially around 4pm -the time we all needed to get some break from work... his crispy stuff was really perfect to enjoy with some warm tea.

ok, back to the kitchen.. it is not all that difficult. See below, you just need:

1 egg
1 tofu
some little shrimps
some beansprout
some shredded cabbage

beat the egg and mix the rest with some water, like this ..

the beansprout you can cut smaller before you put in the mix -that´ll make it easy while frying.

when the mix is done, fry them in frying pan with quite a lot of oil. One spoon at a time. And fry them good, to get them crispy.

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